Union Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps.


Presentation at Eastern Hills Mall for Echoes Through Time Museum, 2013. Photo courtesy Tom Place.

"One terrific addition is the Union Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps. They came from the back of the hall, on the lower level, and proceeded to the stage. Who would have guessed they were only two men? They sounded like 20. They reappeared now and then, playing stirring songs like "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" and "The Battle Cry of Freedom." In their historic Civil War uniforms, they added poetry and dignity.
-Mary Kunz Goldman, Buffalo News music reviewer on performance with Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

"The Union Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps offer an entertaining and informative presentation sure to please a wide variety of audiences.  It is a pleasure to watch knowledgeable and talented performers who are so enthusiastic about what they do."
- Dr. James Davis, Professor of Musicology, School of Music, State University of New York at Fredonia

"Thank you for the outstanding presentation of Civil War Field Music at the West Seneca Public Library last night. I was especially thrilled to see a new audience. We can depend of those history buffs to attend but when I saw the amount of young boys, adolescents and teenagers in the audience, I knew we had something we never could quite reach in those seats! I saw how enthusiastic they were! What an accomplishment!
-Patricia Wass, Friends of the West Seneca Library

"The fife and drum surrounded a Civil War soldier's life. The Union Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps represent that life honestly and honorably. Their attention to detail has been rarely matched or duplicated; no one has done it any better."    - Henry Pogodzinski, President, Buffalo Civil War Roundtable, Benedict R. Maryniak Chapter

" The Union Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps program was one of the most outstanding presentations we have had for our Upper Classmen Luncheon Group. The monthly club of about 100 seniors enjoyed the music and informative interpretations and especially the open discussion time led by Jim Pace. It is a program worth repeating anytime."         -Jan Dalbo, Program Chairman, Winchester Community Church

"Brian and Jim present a genuine fife and drum corps who offers a variety of civil war music that not only entertains but also has meaning. They have revived military traditions that are needed at this time. Not only are they musicians but educators. I have truly enjoyed their participation during our camp's civil war events."  - William Christen, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Col. John B. Weber Camp No. 44

"Jim and Brian presented an outstanding program that was entertaining as well as historically significant. Many members of our society were amazed at the vast knowledge that was shared regarding the role of the fife and drum in the Civil War. The accompanying power point presentation helped make the program "so real" when photos from the archives were shown. These gentlemen are talented musicians and educators." - Giff Swyers, Town of Evans Historical Society

"The Civil War Fife Drum Presentation (for the 8th graders) was Enjoyable, Entertaining and Educational, A fitting testimonial to those who were entrusted to preserve the Union.  A must for anyone interested in the American Civil War." - Keith Dash, Lake Shore Middle School

"On behalf of the Sanborn Area Historical Society, I now thank both of you for putting on a great program at our January 24, 2012 meeting. Our group of 63 will long remember your presentation on the "Field Music of the Civil War". You were certainly knowledgeable and made the subject most interesting. Judging by the questions asked during and after your presentation, you were very well received." - Gerald E. Treichler, Sanborn Area Historical Society 

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